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Monday, September 28, 2009

Saint Genesius Medal Cleaning Question

A reader sent us this question.
Jim, I have a round, Saint Genesius medal necklace, purchased about 1973. It is slightly larger than a quarter and about the same thickness. I believe it was purchased from a religious supplier…maybe from NYC???.

On the bottom is stamped “Sterling Creel” or “Sterling Greel”. No one seems to know what this is and I haven’t found anything on the Internet about it. The biggest reason I’m asking…aside from general curiosity…is that silver polishing cloths and solutions do not clean it. The only way I that has worked is to use a soft polishing wheel on my Dremel tool – on slow. I’ve only done this twice in 35 years because I know it’s removing silver as well as the tarnish. The tarnishing is extremely uneven. The relief image on the front seems to polish up a little, but the tarnish on the smooth back

Any information or suggestions?

Thank you very much. This is THE MOST prized possession I have.
If anyone out there has some information about this, leave a comment or send us an email.

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1 comment:

12654 said...

Creed Sterling..I have one myself.