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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Patina in a Jar

We've mentioned in several posts that French gray and patina are desirable attributes that develop over time on sterling pieces. We've also talked about cleaners that remove these attributes resulting in a bland looking piece, in our opinion. Finally, we've suggested ways to restore patina and French gray in a shorter period of time than it takes under natural conditions.

Here's something we've not mentioned: Liver of Sulphur. This is a product that can quickly tarnish a sterling piece. We have never used it so we will not attempt to explain how to use it nor do we over any opinion regarding the pros and cons of its use.

Based on what we've read, the concept is simple but care must be taken to get just the effect you want. Here is a review article we found on the eBay web site that describes how to use this product: How to use Liver of Sulphur for Metal Patina. Do your own Google search - you'll find all sorts of reference articles.

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