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Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Information on Silver Plate Value

We may have done owners of silver plated pieces a disservice! In our post, "Do Used Silverplate Pieces Have Any Value", we implied that they had very little value. Well, we were not totally accurate.

Yesterday, we were talking with a silver appraiser regarding two candelabra pieces. The smaller candelabra was made of sterling and the larger more elaborate piece was silver plated. The appraiser valued the silver plated piece at about three times the value of the sterling piece. His reasons:
  • The silver plated piece was made by a well-known English manufacturer; it had a very nice design and was in excellent condition
  • The sterling piece was plainer, its design was of the 1960's (not very distinctive) and just not as nice looking

So, we stand corrected. Silver plated pieces of high quality and nice design can be valuable.

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Anonymous said...

I am moving and will be having a house sale. I found several silverplated spoons of different sizes. They are marked Original Rodgers extra plate, Vernon, Holmes & Edwards super plate, Wallace luxor plate, Sheffield plate. They all appear to be some type of specialy serving spoon(ie: small gravy ladle, sugar spoons, condiments and a small fork and butter knife) How would I price these?

Silver Jim said...

I honestly don’t know. You might check to try to find something similar and then price yours somewhere between 20% and 40% of what replacements asks (Their prices are on the high side, I think).

There is a dealer who specialized in silver plate flatware who used to come to the Scott Antiques Mart every month in Atlanta. Her pieces were typically between $2 and $15.

Hope this helps. Maybe someone else will leave additional comments that might help.

SBE said...

We are moving our school and we found a 3 piece tea set from Rogers & Bros, # 1702 in a closet. The school is 80 years old, so we have no idea where it came from. Could you give us any information about the company, the years this tea set was made, or it's value.
Thanks, Library

Silver Jim said...

This is in response to the previous comment from SBE.

You might search the listings at under International Silver to see if you can find this set. IS now owns the Rogers & Bros brand.

I'd be willing to bet this set is made of silver plate. If so, its value probably is in the range of $100 - $200.

Anonymous said...

Our Church received a 4 piece tea set and large matching rectangular tray, grape pattern on edge, marked Old English Reprodeuction 42, I htink the manufacturer is Litman Bros. Any idea of the value?

Silver Jim said...

I could not find information on Litman Bros. but I'm guessing this is silver plate since it is not marked as sterling. Most silver plate sets sell in the $50 to $150 range. They can go higher, maybe $300, for sets with a very nice design and in excellent condition.

Anonymous said...

Hi I have 1847 rogers bro 1847 knife 11 inches long top edge sawtooth bottom edge not sharp its a 1895 Lotus pattern looked at and any site that has silverplate patterns cannot find pic of knife also 5 3/8 inch gorham spoon has marks and strl. bottom of bowl has 2 diamonds with S&T what are their meaning?Can help on Rogers knife? Thanks

Silver Jim said...

I may not be much help here.

The extra marks on the spoon may relate to the original retailer. It once was common for the retailer to be identified. Other than that, I don't know.

The only long knives I'm familiar with are carving knives or cake knives.

Sorry I could not help more.