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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're Now Linked to Facebook!

We've set up a "page" in Facebook called Sterling Silver. The goal is to have Facebook users interested in sterling silver become "fans" of the new page. Most posts on the page will actually link back to posts in this blog.

If you are a Facebook user and would like to become a fan, log in to Facebook, search for "Sterling Silver" and look for the picture of the salad fork on a black background. Click on "Become a Fan". If you are already a regular reader of this blog, the new benefit you will receive by becoming a fan is the ability to see comments left by other Facebook users.

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Houston Nurse said...

Gorham sterling, arts & crafts hammered silver smoking tray is now listed for sale on ebay. Sale ends Mar 17, 201023:25:08 PDT. I didn't know how very rare and valuable it is until after I had listed it. 20-25 troy oz. I had never heard of a smoking tray which has compartments for cigars & cigarettes. The reserve has been metItem number: 140389315999

Unknown said...

Found some silver plate tea service today that is marked Holmes and Sons has a trumpet vine flower design, to smaller tea or coffee pots, one larger, and creamer and sugar and they look hand tooled, cut cannot find any reference to Holmes and Sons, just Holmes and Edward. Do you know anything about Holmes and Sons. Any info would be greatly appreciated, appears to be silver plated pewter but uncertain can send picks of mark and pattern if you wish

Silver Jim said...

This is in response to the question about Holmes & Son.

This probably refers to a company founded by William Holmes and later reintroduced by his son, Robert. The company was known as Holmes & Son during 1896-1940, in Baltimore. Other names were used over the years. In later years, they were known for repair and re-plating services. I did not know they manufactured anything but it's very possible since the company went through changes over the years.

I cannot say with certainty this is the correct company for your tea service but at least it's a reasonable guess.