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Friday, October 24, 2008

Cleaning: Chemical Dips

We will post tips regarding cleaning from time to time. This is the first.

There is a type of silver cleaner available that removes tarnish by simply dipping the piece into the liquid cleaner. There are also recipes available for creating your own dip using household utensils and ingredients.

In general, we do not favor these methods. If you have worked over the years to develop a rich patina to your silver and perhaps French gray in the pattern details, the chemical process will undo your hard work. We recommend instead regular hand polishing.

The ONLY time we ever use a chemical dip is when we run across a badly tarnished fork. We may use the dip to help clean the tines since it's difficult to polish between the tines by hand.

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Anonymous said...

What do you recommend for cleaning?

Silver Jim said...

We'll be posting more extensive information about cleaning from time to time. To answer your specific question, we perform at least three types of cleaning.

- Dishwashing by hand keeps pieces that we use often in good shape.
- For "normal" polishing on a regular basis, we use a "gentle" cream polish along the lines of Mish's Silver Polish.
- For pieces that are heavily tarnished or which need a little "smoothing", we use Wenol Metal Polish.

After polishing, we always wash the pieces by hand.

Thanks for the question.

Smyrna Window Cleaning said...

Whatever method you choose, it should be the least toxic/dangerous method to protect you and your environment.