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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gorham Hallmark - "P" Inside Diamond Shape

Some people have asked about the mark they see on the backs of some Gorham pieces or on the blades of Gorham knives. The mark is the letter, "P", inside a diamond shape. See the picture below for an example.

This symbol defines the piece as being "Place" size. The place size is generally between the luncheon size and the dinner size pieces in terms of length and/or weight. See the posts below, "About Forks" and "About Knives".

In our opinion, the place size has become an acceptable compromise size. Few of us can afford complete sets that include luncheon pieces and dinner pieces. So, many people have just the place size to serve both purposes.

We would like to hear other opinions about this. Click on "Comments" below to add your thoughts or ask questions.

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Unknown said...

I recently found a Gorham sterlng spoon with two diamond shapes, one is the letter S, the other is the letter T. Not sure what that means.

Silver Jim said...

I cannot say for certain what these mean. Gorham at one time made teaspoons of different weights. "T" was one of the weight symbols. However, the weight mark did not necessarily appear within a diamond shape. Search in the right column of this page for articles about "Weights".