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Friday, October 31, 2008

Washing Sterling Flatware in a Dishwasher

Is it safe to wash sterling flatware in the dishwasher? You will find many articles that state it is safe. But, you also see these caveats:
  • Rinse food from the flatware immediately after use and before placing in the dishwasher
  • Never let stainless steel and sterling touch each other - washing separately is preferred
  • Avoid lemon-scented detergents and detergents with chlorides - use a mild detergent
  • Never sprinkle detergent directly on the flatware - pitting could result
  • Use a water softening agent if you have hard water
  • Remove the flatware before the drying cycle - dry by hand with soft cloth

Having said all this, our preference is NOT washing sterling flatware in a dishwasher. Washing by hand with a mild soap immediately after use is our preferred method. See the post below about avoiding rubber gloves.

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Stair Gates said...

We never put the silver in the dishwasher.

Moses Baskets said...

I'd stay away from the diswasher with the silverware

Jogger Strollers said...

Keep the silver away from the dishwasher.

bicycle trailers said...

No silverware in the dishwasher

Dog Pens said...

I agree not put silverware in the dishwasher

Anonymous said...

I have a 5 pc. setting of Towe's Old Master flatware and do not know where I can put it for sale on the internet.

I tried Craig's List but they are too complicated for me. No luck trying to log in.

thank you,

Silver Jim said...

If you like, send me an email with the specific pieces in your setting. I also need lengths.

Click on "Email Silver Jim" in the uper right column.

I'll respond with an offer and suggestions to find other buyers.

ShoppingBlox said...

Stay away from the dishwasher

Trisha Nichols said...

I have been washing some silver flatware (forks) in the dishwasher and now one of them is mostly black. Will this come off? It didn't come off with a polishing with cream silver cleaner or dipping it in cleaner. Do I need to work harder or is it ruined.

Silver Jim said...

This is in answer to the comment about flatware turning black.

My immediate thought is to ask if this flatware is made of silver plate. If it is, perhaps the plating has been worn off over the years. Look at the back of a fork or spoon. If the word, "Sterling", is not there, it could very well be silver plate.

If I am correct, the only fix is to have it re-plated and it may not be worth it. It may be cheaper to find a replacement piece on eBay.