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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to use Google Ads to Buy & Sell Silver

Most questions I receive relate to the sale of personal silver (flatware and hollowware). Questioners often want to know the market value of what they own and they want to know where to go to sell it. Some questioners want to know where to buy "estate" (used) silver items, mostly to fill in an existing set of flatware.

We have allowed Google to place ads on this site if the ads relate to silver. Unfortunately, many irrelevant ads pop up that relate to things like industrial silver, coins, retirement planning, etc. If you wish to look at more relevant ads, it is suggested that you use the "Sterling Silver Web Search" tool in the upper part of the right column on this screen.

For example, suppose you are interested in selling your sterling flatware. Type "sell sterling silver" in the box and click on "Search". A new page will pop up. Look at the ads at the top and side of the new page. You may find some that are useful to you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,
We're having a bit of disagreement over the value of my mother's sterling silver flatware set (Old English plain, Birks). 8 settings/8 pieces (lunch and dinner), also misc. serving utensils. Fair market value appraisal was $1,900. is $6,700. We want to keep it, the others suggest we pay $4,000. What is reasonable??

Silver Jim said...

This is in response to the comment about the Birks set.

I don't want to cause any internal family problems so I'll tell you what I would recommend if my family had a situation like this.

Contact and tell them I have a set to sell. Tell them the pattern. They will email me a price list of what they would pay me, piece by piece.

For an internal family transaction, I'd multiply the price I calculated by 1.25. I will probably come in at a price below $1,900.

The market value of this set when sold by an individual is most likely MUCH lower than $4,000.

You could also contact for an offer. This will give you a second opinion.

If the family thinks they could do better, I would tell them to go ahead and sell it and split the proceeds with me. It's highly unlikely they would be successful.

This sounds blunt. It is. It is also factual, in my opinion.