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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Buying and selling silver flatware: An antique show example

I visited the Scott Antique Market this past weekend. This is a huge show held monthly in Atlanta and I sometimes go because I know I'll see eight or ten dealers in various types of silver. As a result of this visit, I wrote two articles that might be if interest to some.

I interviewed two dealers in silver plate flatware regarding their business:
I also looked at the way some dealers are pricing and selling sterling flatware:
If you are thinking about buying or selling silver flatware, one or both of these articles might be of interest.

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Benjamin said...

I have a piece of flatware with burton on the back. The "bur" is above "ton". I've been unable to find anything about it on the internet. Can you please tell me something about it? It has a flat part large enough to hold a stick of butter and a handle. Thanks for your time.

Silver Jim said...

I could not find a "Burton" among my references. Since the word, "Sterling", is not present, I assume the piece is made of silver plate or stanless steel.

It sounds like a lrge piece - perhaps a fish server??