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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Want to Ask a Question?

We receive many questions and we are happy to try to answer all of them. If we can't answer one, we try to point the questioner to other sources.

There are several ways to ask us. We prefer the following site because the question and answer are available to search engines like Google. Other people with a similar question may find our answer by searching.

All Experts - Silver and Flatware

You can also email us by clicking on "Email Silver Jim" in the right column of this blog. This is the preferred method if you want to attach several pictures.

You can also attach a comment to a post on this blog but that is our least preferred method because you can't send pictures and we can't respond directly to you since your email address is not included in the "Comment" process.

FYI, you can also contact us through our column here:

Click on any picture to see a larger version. By clicking on "Comments/Questions" below, you can see posted comments and add your own questions and comments. Or, you can send us an email by clicking on "Email Silver Jim" in the right column.

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