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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finding Actual Sales on eBay

We receive comments such as this frequently, "My sterling flatware set must be worth $XYZ.00 because I've seen it listed on eBay for this amount." Listing on eBay and actually selling are two different things.

To develop a true picture of what's selling on eBay, you should examine actual completed sales. Here's how to do this (you may have to sign in to eBay):
  • On many eBay screens, you will see a link to "Advanced Search". Click on this.
  • Enter your search keywords.
  • Check the box that says, "Completed listings".
  • Check the box that says, "Include Store inventory".
  • Click the "Search" button.

You will see a list of completed listings in the past two weeks that met your keyword criteria. The listings you will want to examine are those that have a little box with the word "Sold" beside them. Review these specific listings to see what was being sold and compare them with what you are considering selling. Examine the selling price.

This will help you determine the true value of your set, at least on eBay.

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Unknown said...

I have a silver salver than am having difficulty with markings. Briefly, 4 legs,bottom has 4 different group of markings. #1 BSCEP, 5621/6 1/2, a star/cross/star and then 3 different markings of animal with wings, oblong symbol the spears on top and then a crown with hammer on top. The design around edge is of bunches of grapes. Any ideas if it is even silver?

Silver Jim said...

Look at the marks for Barbour Silver on this site:

Some of them resemble what you described. I have also seen references to this company spelled as "Barber".

The references indicate they made silver plate pieces. I have seen none that talk about sterling but that does not eliminate that possibility.

Barbour was taken over by International Silver in 1898. Since there is no mention of I S on your piece, it could be older than 1898.