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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tired of Searching on eBay Over & Over?

Are you looking for that elusive piece of sterling flatware on eBay? Are you tired of going to eBay everyday to perform the same search? Why not let eBay do the work for you?

You can set up a "saved search" in eBay and whenever eBay finds a match for your search, it will send you an email. Suppose you are looking for a pickle fork in the Old Maryland Engraved pattern by Kirk-Stieff. I couldn't find one of these in eBay today, so I created a saved search to notify me when one is put up for sale. Here are the steps:
  • Click on "Advanced Search"
  • Type in your search parameters
  • Click the "Search" button
  • Click "Save this search"
  • In the new little window that pops up, give your search a name and specify how long you want to keep receiving emails related to this search (12 months is the maximum)
  • In the little window, click "Save"

Whenever someone places a new listing in eBay that meets your criteria, you'll receive an email. There is no obligation to bid or buy.

Here's what I typed as the search criteria for this pickle fork:

old maryland (pickle, pickel, lemon, olive) fork

Here's why:

  • I left off the word "engraved" because some sellers leave it out of the listing title. However, there is a pattern called "Old Maryland" so I may get some incorrect hits.
  • Some sellers incorrectly identify pickle forks, calling them lemon or olive forks.
  • Some sellers can't spell very well.

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Jennifer said...

When you are searching for OME it seems to me to be a good idea to search for Kirk only because a lot of people only know that they have a piece of Kirk sterling due to the name on the back. If you ask for OME only, you maymiss out on some things, however on the downside is all of the millions of pieces of Repousse you'll have to wade thru. Question: why is there is there so much more Repousse available that OME? Repousse has always been a bit more expensive when purchased new, both patterns are still active and actually according to a study done by Country Living magazine, OME remains to be included in the top 5 most popular patterns for the last 50(I think?) years. Where in the world does all of that repousse come from and why is it almost always cheaper than our beloved OME?! Also I'd like clarification on this too....are there actually more "extras" or unusual pieces made in Repousse? For example I have seen 6 or more different types of spoons in Repousse, ie. chocolate, oval dessert/soup, cream soup, gumbo spoon, orange spoon, demitasse plus ice teas and a basic teaspoon. I'm hoping OME has this many too and that I just haven't come across them yet. Does anyone have any comments or answers for me? I surely hope so! Sincerely, Jennifer

Silver Jim said...

Regarding the comment about Old Maryland Engraved and Repousse, I will provide some thoughts but they should not be taken as expert opinion.

I think the availability of used pieces in the two patterns is simply a function of supply and demand. The prices for used Repousse are lower because more pieces are being offered AND the demand may be less. Patterns go through cycles and it could be that the demand for OME is increasing while the demand for Repousse is staying flat. I believe Repousse is an older pattern than OME so more people have collected it over the years thereby making more used pieces available on the market.

Concerning the number of different pieces available, more could be available in Repousse because it is older. To see a list of pieces in each pattern, check Their lists may not be 100% accurate but they do provide a good bit of information.

With regard to searching eBay, I use the search term:

Old Maryland (Engraved, sterling)

I get some Old Maryland Plain pieces in the results but it seems to present a reasonable list.

Thoughts from other readers will be welcome.