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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Caveat Emptor Reminder

Followers of this blog should know by now that we are not fans of made up, or "custom", sterling flatware pieces. However, we can see they might address a specific need of a collector. So, they are OK as long as:
  • The buyer has a need that can be addressed by a made up piece
  • The price is appropriate
  • The buyer likes the look and feel of the piece
  • The seller discloses that the piece is made up

What brings this subject to mind yet again is a plethora of made up pieces being offered on eBay. Not all of the sellers disclose in their listings that the pieces are made up. Here are some clues to look for:

  • The handles strongly resemble dinner knife handles
  • The seller offers strikingly similar pieces in many patterns
  • The seller offers many pieces that have similar handles but different utility ends

Some made up pieces are not made with knife handles but are "carved" from other pieces. For example, a teaspoon or dessert spoon might be converted into an ice cream spoon.

If you are unsure of a piece you are considering, ask the seller about it. If you would like to read other posts about made up pieces, look in the column on the right under "Labels" and click on "Made Up".

We welcome your thoughts on this subject and we are willing to post comments from sellers of made up pieces.

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