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Monday, May 18, 2009

What does "E P" Mean on Silverplate?

We received this question from a blog reader:
I have a Gorham silver plate coffee pot. On the bottom of the coffee pot it reads in script Gorham followed by an E then an anchor inside of shield followed by a P then the word Brass. What does the E and P mean? I thought it might stand for electroplate.
We really don't know the answer but we found this review on eBay, SILVER BY GORHAM MARKED E P. Does anyone out there have a better idea? Send us an email or add a comment if you do.

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Susan A. Reishus said...

I would have guessed Electro Plate, or Electroplate Process, over a Brass base metal. Not an expert, but I have some experience with fine jewelry, fwiw. Susan

Susan A. Reishus said...

I would have guessed Electro Plate or Electroplate Process over Brass. Though not an expert, I have experience with fine jewelry. Susan