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Thursday, April 23, 2009

How Do I Remove Rust From Sterling Flatware?

Rust on sterling flatware? I question the fact that you actually have sterling flatware. Tarnish, maybe, but rust?

Perhaps there might be some rust issue with silver plate knife blades or with the joint where the blade meets the handle but this is just a guess. I never have seen rust on sterling pieces. I welcome comments from readers who have different information.

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Anonymous said...

I have several beautiful Sterling silver bowls sizes 10" and 11 " that are very ornate. My question is will foods served in these bowls damage the sterling ? Are there any foods that should not be placed in these bowls ? Marilyn

Silver Jim said...

In reply to the previous comment, I would feel comfortable serving most any food as long as the bowl is cleaned right after use.

Salty and acidic foods can permanently stain silver, and the sulfur in eggs, mayonnaise, and mustard can corrode silver.

Comments about other foods are welcome.

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Unknown said...

I found some sterling silver left in a metal file cabinet and it is rusted. I know for sure it is sterling silver. Maybe the rust is from the file cabinet, but, it's all over the flatware. I'm trying the vinegar method, in hopes it removes the rust.