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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Finding Buyers for Your Sterling Flatware

We receive lots of questions and comments regarding locating a buyer for sterling flatware. We'll try to be unbiased in our response - we buy sterling flatware ourselves.

First, we recommend that you read our other posts related to selling flatware. In the right sidebar on this screen, click on the Label, "Selling". This will cause all the articles related to selling to be displayed together.

To get to some heavy-duty volume buyers:
  • In the right column of this blog, enter "selling silver" in the Sterling Silver Web Search box and click the "Search" button.
  • A new window will appear. Click on the ads you see at the top and on the right side of the new window.

Generally, these ad clicks will take you to people who buy scrap silver.

Now, here are some suggestions for locating other types of buyers:

  • Send an email to us describing what you have. Click on "Email Silver Jim" in the right sidebar of this screen to access our email address. You didn't think we really would be unbiased, did you?
  • We've mentioned eBay and in earlier posts. They are both good options and the latter option is free. Just be aware that scammers prey on craigslist sellers a lot.
  • Try your local jewelry stores. If they won't buy it, maybe they can refer you to someone.
  • In larger cities, you might find specialty stores that buy and sell used sterling pieces. In Atlanta, for example, we found businesses like this in the Yellow Pages under the heading, "Silverware".
  • Search the ads on this blog for buyers. In the right sidebar are ten ads that directly relate to silver. Near the very bottom of this screen are roughly twenty similar ads. Most ads are for buyers, sellers or related products such as polish. You have to scroll through the ads to see them all.
  • When scanning the ads, remember that sellers probably are also buyers. Contact them and ask how to sell to them. Some have this information posted on their web sites. We see ads frequently from at least three large companies that buy and sell. If you want more details about them, send an email to us. Google changes the ads every time you visit this blog, so check the ads every time.

We always welcome emails if you have specific questions.

By clicking on "Comments/Questions" below, you can see posted comments and add your own questions and comments. Or, you can send us an email by clicking on "View My Complete Profile" in the right column.


Anonymous said...

I had good luck selling silver flatware at the Silver and Gold Exchange at

vonharringa said...

To Whom It May Concern:

I own a company called Vonharringa LLC. I buy and sell antique sterling silver. I can pay you $25 per troy ounce for your set. I buy at $25 an ounce and sell for $28 an ounce to a reputable antique store in Manhattan. In turn your silver set is sold to a private customer who will preserve it for many years to come. My partner and I do not melt silver as we believe in the preservation of silver forms of art.

This is my full time job and I am an honest businessman. As stated above my profit is only $3 per ounce.

It is not necessary for you to weigh your silver. All you have to do is ship it to the following address:

Vonharringa LLC
493 Greenbelt Pkwy
Holtsville, NY 11742

Please provide a tracking number so that I may monitor the shipment. When your silver arrives I will weigh it on a scale certified by the department of weights and measures. Payment will be made in 1-2 business days via Paypal after silver arrives. I use Paypal because it is fast, safe and secure. It protects both buyer and seller.

I look forward to doing business with you.

Kind Regards,

Gunther von Harringa
Owner of Vonharringa LLC


Phone: 516.724.7554


Anonymous said...

Send your silver to someone you don't know. That's smart.

Silver Jim said...

I detect a note of sarcasm in the previous comment. I agree that there is an element of risk in such transactions. And, I'm sure there are horror stories.

However, people ship to remote buyers all the time if they trust the buyer. I buy from people all over the country.