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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

About Soup Spoons

Soup spoons are fairly straightforward in most patterns. The key points to be concerned with are:
  • Bowl shape
  • Length

We think the most versatile soup spoon is one that has an oval shape bowl like the one in the picture below.
Many patterns include oval bowl spoons like this in at least two different lengths. Most will be about 7 inches long plus or minus 1/4 inch. One of the lengths may be designated as a "place" soup spoon. This type spoon may also be designated as a "soup/dessert" spoon. Sometimes, you will see this spoon designated as a "tablespoon" or "serving spoon". We think these are incorrect designations.

Another bowl shape for soup spoons is round The cream soup spoon in the picture below is an example.These spoons generally have one of these designations:

  • Bouillon (around 5 1/4 inches long)
  • Cream soup (around 6 1/4 inches long)
  • Gumbo (around 6 3/4 inches long)

Each pattern will have its own specific lengths but they will be in the ballpark of our estimates.

Sellers do not always describe these spoons accurately so make sure you understand the bowl shape and the length. If you do, you'll probably buy the right spoon.

Click on any picture to see a larger version. By clicking on "Comments" below, you can see posted comments and add your own questions/comments.


fuller said...

Why do the bowls of my soup spoons tarnish when the stems don't? Is it the age of the spoons, heat, acid in the soups? THank you

tlcintx said...

Hi, I have a question & hope someone can help me. I have 12 Gorhan Etruscan spoons. Both are measuring at 5 3/8" One set of six has a bit of a lip on both sides of the bowl,closest to the stem of the spoon & a bit more of a fan shaped bowl than the 5 O'clock spoon. What type of spoon is the one with the lip? Thanks so much! Tracey

Silver Jim said...

Without a picture, it's hard to tell. If you would like to send one, click on "View My Complete Profile" in the right column which will get you to my email address. The spoons that could fit this category might be the boullion spoon, the ice cream spoon or the egg spoon.

Comments from others are welcome.

cyddyboo said...

My baby spoon looks like Fairfax pattern from Gorham. It has a curved handle (toward the bowl of the spoon). Sterling marking. The other marking looks like a squared block cross with a swag or garland .... I cannot find any such marking anywhere. Any clues? Thank you for your time.