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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Need a Favor from Blog Readers

This post has nothing whatever to do with silver. However, I would like to ask a favor from blog readers.

I am helping a friend launch a new blog, Common Sense Financial Management for Women. I have actually ghost written a couple of articles for her.

We are now in the testing phase and need traffic to the site from places around the country (and world) in order to test activity reporting and to show Google search engines that there is some interest.

If you have received benefit from posts on Silver Chatter, I'd appreciate a return favor. Just click on the link above. I promise there is no maliciousness involved here!

Once you get there, if you see a Google ad that interests you, click on it.

If the blog interests you, feel free to leave comments to be attached to any post.

Thanks in advance.

Silver Jim

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