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Thursday, March 25, 2010

WARNING: Copies of sterling flatware patterns being offered for sale

Copies of popular sterling flatware patterns such as Chantilly and Old Maryland Engraved are being offered on eBay.

I ran across some listings on eBay today for sterling flatware pieces in various patterns. The pieces are advertised as "new". The titles of the listings imply that they are pieces manufactured by the original manufacturers.

When you read the detailed descriptions, you see that the listed pieces might actually be only similar to the original patterns mentioned in the title. In other words, they are copies.

I think the listings are VERY misleading. If you have any doubts, send a question to the seller making sure that you understand what is being offered.

Feel free to send me questions via email as well.

Caveat emptor!

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1 comment:

Lynn said...

I've seen this going on for quite a few years with salt spoon replicas offered on Ebay. Someone gave me one of those as an oddity in the Strasbourg pattern. The front looked pretty respectable if you didn't look too closely, but the back -- YIKES, no way in the world anyone would think it was anything except a forgery. It looked like a slug-o'-slag. Thanks for giving everyone the "heads up" on this ongoing problem!