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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hints on Multi-Purpose Serving Pieces

We ran across an old brochure from Ross-Simons the other day that had some handy tips regarding using certain serving pieces for multiple purposes. We thought the information was worth posting here, especially with Thanksgiving just around the corner. The text is copied directly from their brochure. We added the pictures. Thanks, Ross-Simons!

Sugar Spoon... ideal for jellies, jams, condiments and sauces - as well as sugar.

Butter Spreader... serves as a perfect preserve spreader, cheese spreader or fruit knife, too.

Pierced Tablespoon... use alone to serve vegetables in their own juice - or combine with a cold meat fork for a handsome salad serving set.

Cold Meat Fork... for cold meats, cheese slices, chops, waffles, sliced tomatoes, spaghetti - and to match up with the pierced tablespoon for a salad serving set.

Tablespoon... perfect for serving vegetables, fruits, desserts, casseroles and stuffing.

Gravy Ladle... the correct way to serve gravy, creamed dishes, sauces, syrups - even cut up fruits.

Pie/Cake Server... slices and serves pies, cakes, pastries and fish.

Iced Beverage Spoon... You'll want these stirrers for iced tea, parfaits, sherbets, sodas - and retrieving food from tall jars.

Cocktail Fork... essential for seafood - and perfect for serving pickles, lemon slices and butter pats.

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