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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Successful Identification - Etruscan Ice Cream Spoon

The following comment was attached to our post, "About Soup Spoons". I think we have responded with a successful answer so I'm posting it here to brag a bit!
Hi, I have a question & hope someone can help me. I have 12 Gorham Etruscan spoons. Both are measuring at 5 3/8". One set of six has a bit of a lip on both sides of the bowl, closest to the stem of the spoon & a bit more of a fan shaped bowl than the 5 O'clock spoon. What type of spoon is the one with the lip?

I suggested to the author that pictures be emailed to me. Here are the two that were sent. The color, brightness and contrast were adjusted by me to try to define the edges a little better.

I located some pictures of Etruscan ice cream spoons on a couple of dealer web sites and sent links to the person who left the question. It appears that we have identified the spoon correctly as an ice cream spoon. If anyone has a differing opinion, comments are welcome.

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tlcintx said...

Hi, I have recently listed a set of 4 Gorham Etruscan salad forks on ebay. It has been brought to my attention by a potential buyer that he has 7 salad forks that are different and he has been looking for one to match the other 7 he has. Low and behold! I seem to have the 8th fork. It is just a hair shorter than the others, a wee bit narrower and has beveled sides just before the stem. He states has said there is no difference in the Gorham Etruscan salad forks. Have you ever heard of or seen such a difference? Is this possibly not a salad fork? I have a photo I will email you showing the difference. Thanks so much, I appreciate your input.

Silver Jim said...

This one has me stumped.

I had a similar experience a few months ago with some Gorham Chantilly luncheon forks. They had the old Gorham hallmarks and were ever so slightly shorter than all the other luncheon forks I've seen, new and old. I checked with others in the business and never found an answer. I had to assume that Gorham changed manufacturing specifications along the way.

There is the possibility that they were fake but because of the quality of the forks, I doubt they were.

I have also encountered slight differences in Wallace Rose Point salad forks. They have been the same length but the length of the bevel on the left tine was slightly longer on some forks. Again, I can't explain the difference.

I'll copy the question into a new post to gain more attention. Maybe someone else can help.

Anonymous said...

Hello- I am the owner of the 7 salad forks. To be honest, these are nicer than the other salad forks with what seems like greater detail and a more refined look. If they are fakes, they surpass the original and fit better with the complete service. They do have an additional marking on the back after pat 1913, Lion, Anchor, G sterling. It reads Klee and Groh, a Rochester(NY) jeweler. This makes sense since these originated form that area. Thanks in advance for the info.

Silver Jim said...

I don't have any new information to pass on at this time. The fact that the seven forks have the original selling jeweler's name stamped on the back indicates to me that they are very old.

It makes me wonder if Gorham made special pieces for some retailers.

I wish I could be more help and I hope someone else leaves a comment that can help shed light on this.

Thanks for your comment.